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The Island of Rab

Rab is an island in the Kvarner which stretches parallel to the coastline. The Velebit mountain dominates from the land side and the entire Rab archipelago consists of islands St. Grgur, Goli, Dolin, Laganj Veli, Dolfin and Trstenik. Rab's peculiarity is the bountiful vegetation and a magnificent coast with numerous bays, coves and beaches. Beach diversity is one of the most characteristic identities of the island. Rab offers stony, pebble and sand beaches among which certain (like Paradise beach in Lopar) are declared as one the most beautiful in the world. Thanks to many discreet coves and beaches, the island of Rab embodies a real peaceful oasis for nature lovers.
In ancient writings Rab is referred to as Arba, which means dark, afforested, eternally green. The history of the town of Rab dates back to Roman times. Back then Rab was just a settlement until emperor Octavian August gave it the status of a city and declared it a municipality in 10 BC. A story about the passed times is narrated today through Rab's forts and monuments, and even more so through the town of Rab itself, surrounded by city walls elevated on a small peninsula with four impressive bell towers standing proudly, all together giving impression of a sailboat which steers to eternity. The town is characterized by numerous symbols of both cultural and sacral inheritance like, for example the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Two personalities take a special place in the island's history. Marin from Lopar who established the Republic of San Marino in 301 after Christ and Markantun Dominis (1560-1624) physicist who was the first to scientifically affirm the effect of the Moon on the tides.
Every year in July the renowned manifestation called Rapska fjera (Rab's festivity) takes place. It is a three day event when the medieval history is revived. For three full days and nights the people of Rab and their guests present old crafts, skills and customs accompanied by a Rab knight tournament. The tournament had first been held in 1364 and it was renewed in 1995 as to commemorate the chivalrous defense of the city in the past. The protagonists of the tournament are the crossbowmen who compete in ancient crossbow shooting.
Except the town of Rab there are other settlements on the island: Barbat, Banjol, Kampor, Mundanije, Palit, Supetarska Draga i Lopar. From Palit's landmarks we would like to accentuate the Franciscan monastery of Saint Euphemy which is situated at the far inner part of the most picturesque bay of Rab. We are proud to offer our guests a unique view of this truly special sight. The people of Rab are proud of their tradition in tourism for over 120 years. Hospitality of the hosts, natural beauties and historical sights make Rab an exceptional place for your vacation. Moreover, Rab is a specific island where poisonous snakes do not habit. It really is a gentle environment.
When it comes to fun and leisure the offer is various. Besides different events there is a prolific offer of galleries and exhibitions. There are many restaurants and clubs in the town of Rab, but the gastronomic offer has spread over the entire island. For everyone who prefers to party in the open air we suggest the club Santos on the beach Pudarica.
Excursion offer is very plentiful since numerous ship excursions are offered around the island as well as to other surrounding islands and to the unique fiord Zavratnica. Another way of visiting these places is by a taxi boat called Barkarjoli.
If you prefer active vacation we invite you to try out fishing, scuba diving, perhaps walking tours or cycling in the variety of tracks and trails. On the other side, if you would like to spend your vacation in peace and quiet we recommend visiting the park Komrcar, leaning against the old town center.
Precisely because of the diversity of flora and Mediterranean climate with many sunny days, we emphasize the benefit of coming to Rab for health reasons in all seasons. The island of Rab is inviting you as the island of love exactly because of love we offer our guests.





Rapska fjera

Rapski samostreličari
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